Are you noticing that your bath or shower is taking longer to drain? Maybe your toilet is becoming difficult to flush, or perhaps the kitchen drain is backing-up and overflowing? If so, these may well be a sign of a blocked drain.

Once we’ve identified the cause of your problem, we use rodding and/or high pressure water jetting to remove the blockage, and to get your drain flowing freely again.


A CCTV survey is the fastest and most thorough way to survey your drainage system. Using state-of-the-art technology, our closed-circuit camera can examine your drains, to help identify the cause of any blockage or structural failing. We can then capture selected images, allowing us to put together a detailed report of the issues that we find, or to show you the work that is required.

CCTV Investigation will show most structural defects that may exist, including tree root penetration, cracked pipes, fractures, displaced joints and so on.


We specialise in the installation and repair of water mains, and also the installation and repair of Septic Tanks. All Septic Tank installations are carried out in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines.

With new water main installations, we realise it’s not always possible or desirable to excavate. In such instances, we offer Impact Moling as a solution to installing new water pipes. Impact Moling is perfect for situations where disruption to the surface needs to be minimised – for example, driveways, gardens, paths, golf courses, etc.

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